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Membership is open to all who share an interest in urban indoor farming. We especially invite participation by persons and organizations who already operate personal or small-business gardens, whether for-profit or non-profit. Knowledge is power!

We welcome present and former students, staff, volunteers and customers.

Members may receive priority in fulfillment of orders. We may soon be able to expand membership to distributors, retailers and others. Thank you for your interest.

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Michael E. Twiggs 19-May-2022
Environmental toxins are worsening obesity pandemic, say scientists.
Chemical pollution in the environment is supersizing the global obesity epidemic, according to a major scientific review.
Rees Clark 10-May-2022
Executives find sustainability at all levels of business organization essential; no surprise at GOEUF; it's part of our mantra.
Rees Clark 06-Apr-2022
Kale & chard & collards at our Tukwila (IFC) project.

Rees Clark 08-Mar-2022
GOEUF is developing a program for incarcerated persons called Inside-Outside: An Innovative Approach to Recidivism. Interested? Contact us.
Rees Clark 07-Jan-2022
SCC-IFC winter and spring 2022 classes begin soon in Tukwilla. Follow the link for more info.
Rees Clark 04-Oct-2021
Our co-op class with Indoor Farming Collaborative and Seattle Central College held its first session Saturday.
Michael E. Twiggs 24-Jun-2021
Is the food system racist? Urban farmer Karen Washington coined the phrase ‘food apartheid’. Now the Bronx-based activist says a shift of power is urgent.
Michael E. Twiggs 25-May-2021
We're taking microgreen and herb production to a whole new level. The commercial Urban Cultivator makes it possible to grow healthy, nutritious greens all year round.

Rees Clark 18-Feb-2021
We're working with a local school district to implement an indoor gardening curriculum featuring microgreens and varied leafy greens, too.

Rees Clark 28-Oct-2020
Make your own fertilizer and cut your heat bill at the same time! If you have about 50 sq ft (4.6m^2) in your back yard you can build your own biodigester.

Rees Clark 03-Jun-2020
Herbs are delicious, versatile and prime for long-term preservation. Here (Wa. Post) are some ideas to use the bounty.
Rees Clark 05-Apr-2020
National Library of Medicine report on microgreens.
Rees Clark 18-Aug-2019
A British take on alternative food supplies. After The Guardian.

Michael E. Twiggs 08-Jun-2019
University of Maryland researchers observed that the microgreens contained four to 40 times more nutrients than their mature counterparts. They've been widely quoted.
Rees Clark 03-May-2019
Interesting project in Burkina Faso, West Africa produces chickens, fish, greens and more (overview in French).

Rees Clark 11-Apr-2019
Dr. Axe's take on microgreens.

Michael E. Twiggs 21-Mar-2019
Microgreens: Health Benefits and Nutrition Facts
Turns out microgreens are not just a plain good-for-you food or a healthy garnish on salads and soups.

Michael E. Twiggs 21-Mar-2019
Here's an interesting take on hydroponics vs. "organic" gardening. Seems there's really not much meaningful difference in taste, nutrition, etc.

Michael E. Twiggs 29-Jan-2019
Simply spectacular! Garden of Eden Urban Farming grows fresh, collard greens locally,
indoors, all year round.
Rees Clark 09-Dec-2018
Slate article on microgreens
Rees Clark 09-Dec-2018
New York Times article on cruciferous vegetables.
Rees Clark 09-Dec-2018
WebMD on microgreens
Michael E. Twiggs 06-Dec-2017
The Garden of Eden continues to grow herbs, fruit and vegetables in The Atrium @ Tacoma Urban League. Join us for a tasty learning experience - "From Seed To Table."

Michael E. Twiggs 07-Nov-2017
Tacoma Urban League hosts our demonstration garden at its headquarters. We're growing, lettuce, arugula, collards and other crops in rotation with the help of local student interns.

Rees Clark 14-Feb-2017
Interesting view of nine urban vertical farming efforts.
Rees Clark 19-Dec-2015
Yippee! Member update photos are working.

Michael E. Twiggs 19-May-2015
I really should post a daily update, or perhaps a nearly daily update!
Rees Clark 19-May-2015
Yum, strawberries!
Rees Clark 14-May-2014
Step Two of test.
Rees Clark 14-May-2014
Testing group membership. Step One.
Team Internet 16-Mar-2014
Installing new staff profiles. Tweaking member - nonmember permissions. Awaiting new staff mugshots with 'bated breath.
rees - May 12, 2022, 3:01 PM
Discuss what works and what does not, from equipment, to vendors, to techniques...
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