Garden of Eden Urban Farming



  • We train technicians, managers and entrepreneurs with hands-on and classroom experience in soil-free gardening.
  • We expose growers and students to a wide range of crops, equipment and media.
  • We explore how to make crop choices based on market research.
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Vegetable Production
  • We encourage and support multiple methods of hydroponic cultivation.
  • We collaboratively operate urban, vertical farms with local organizations.
  • Our current empasis is on microgreens, the highly nutritious early stage of various vegetables.
Systems, Equipment, Supplies and Consultation
  • We supply affiliated growers with the technical equipment, supplies and consultation needed for success.
  • Our production tracking, marketing and management information system will be available in 2020 to help us help local producers increase their success.

Advocacy and Project Development

  • We are motivated by social issues stemming from the urban food desert, consisting of communities that are poorly served by the usual food distribution and marketing system with its vicious circle of poor nutrition and economic decline.
  • We develop urban vertical gardening projects—usually but not exclusively employing hydroponic technology—in cooperation with local firms and non-profits.
  • We build awareness and acceptance of healthy diets and local production.
  • We develop new economic engines in disadvantaged communities.
  • We provide guidance regarding capital formation, equipment, logistics, training, production, distribution and management skills. Each local producer provides space, personnel and local transportation and networking.
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Staff & Member Updates

Michael E. Twiggs 15-Jun-2022
Fresh, affordable food produced on local, Black-owned farms is one solution to the health inequities caused by segregation and racist grocery practices.
Michael E. Twiggs 19-May-2022
Environmental toxins are worsening obesity pandemic, say scientists.
Chemical pollution in the environment is supersizing the global obesity epidemic, according to a major scientific review.
Rees Clark 10-May-2022
Executives find sustainability at all levels of business organization essential; no surprise at GOEUF; it's part of our mantra.
Rees Clark 06-Apr-2022
Kale & chard & collards at our Tukwila (IFC) project.

Rees Clark 08-Mar-2022
GOEUF is developing a program for incarcerated persons called Inside-Outside: An Innovative Approach to Recidivism. Interested? Contact us.

GOE News Preview

Dr. Maxine Mimms Visits Tukwila Garden
Well-known Tacoma educator Maxine Mimms recently visited the IFC Garden in Tukwila, Washington. The garden, established in 2021, is currently teaching indoor growing of microgreens and various leafy greens using multiple technologies. Teaching is coordinated by GOE president Michael Twiggs in... Continues...

Garden friends
In case you're old school and growing outdoors, here are some succesful planting groups. Where your lead "crop" is in the left column, pair with those in the center. We can't attest to the results, but it sounds reasonable. Sign up to share your own experience.

Micro-what? Diversify your diet!
Go to any health food store and you’ll be sure to find microgreens lining the produce section. They have been all the craze in the food sphere for the past couple of years but don’t let all of the hype confuse you–microgreens are a simple way to bring nutritional variety to your diet and can... Continues...