Garden of Eden Urban Farming™
Outreach, Advocacy and Project Development
  • We strive to build awareness and acceptance of healthy diets and local production.
  • We work to create and develop new economic engines in disadvantaged communities.
  • We partner with growers and retailers in communities that are not well served by corporate grocery chains, where low incomes and inefficient transportation combine to lower the availability of nutritious fresh produce.
  • Each local organization provides space, personnel and local networking. We provide guidance regarding capital formation, equipment, logistics, training, production, distribution and management skills.
Vegetable Production
Our working indoor farm supplies locally grown, fresh, nutritious vegetables to schools, charitable institutions and underserved communities -- the so-called urban food desert -- at low cost.
We train technicians, managers and entrepreneurs in methods of soil-free gardening. Small classes ensure personal attention. We expose students to a wide range of growing strategies and equipment and help them fit equipment to crop choices based on market research.

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