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Youth Involvement Strengthens Communities
Far too many of our youth are falling through the cracks - not being serviced in our education system. They are simply not engaged - and if you can't engage them - you can't teach them.

For many years, our approach to instruction has always been a piece meal, cumulative learning experience. Students were given a piece of information to be studied and analyzed; then a second piece; and then another to be combined and studied together within a predetermined context. This was the learning experience, and its been tremendously successful - till now.

Those of us on the front lines have noticed a difference in how today's youth learn and respond to instruction. Many do not respond to the cumulative approach to learning. More than a few report that school is boring; unrelated to their life experience. Teachers report that many students are inattentive; easily distracted. They're distracted because they're not engaged.

In fact, the exact opposite approach has proven to be most effective


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