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Training & Careers
Hydroponics in the classroom
We train technicians, managers and entrepreneurs in methods of soil-free gardening. Small classes ensure personal attention. We expose students to a wide range of growing strategies and equipment and help them fit equipment to crop choices based on market research.

photo of students
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Students in Seattle CAUG program 2014.


The opportunity is real and growing. Note that many more jobs and careers call for knowledge or skills in hydroponic agriculture in related industries like manufacturing, distribution, marketing and sales in both retail and wholesale companies.

While our programs are not intended as workplace training, the skills and knowledge imparted are steps in the direction of a personally and professionally rewarding occupation and career.

The following positions were open and advertised as of December 3, 2017 on a national job search board with wages and salaries ranging from $12/hour to $6,000 per month.

Senior Agronomist, Malin, OR; Propagation Manager, Lafayette, CO; Senior Electrical/Hardware Engineer, Brooklyn, NY; Assistant Grower, Grand Haven, MI; Attendant-horticulturist, Redmond, WA; Operations Assistant, South San Francisco, CA; Operations: Commercial Grower, Vertical Controlled Environme... Newark, NJ; Account Executive, Brooklyn, NY; Assistant Grower, Cranbury, NJ; Warehouse Associate, Los Angeles, CA; Farm Intern (Winter), Ossining, NY; Head Grower, San Carlos, CA; Project Assistant (Urban Agriculture), Washington, DC; Farm Technician, Avon, IN; Sales Representative Pacific Northwest Region... among a total of ten pages of announcements on this single site.

Professional Courses and Workshops

Starting in 2017 we'll be offering workshops on hydroponic techniques ranging from self-contained desktop systems up to extensive commercial operations. Visit this page occasionally to learn what's new in this exciting activity.

See the Calendar for scheduled workshops.


Home Countertop Gardening
Learn to grow fresh, healthy vegetables in your own home. Start the same day!

Professional Courses

To be announced. Watch our calendar.

School Programs

Our "Eduponics™" program is designed for schools from junior high through college. It introduces students to hydroponic farming in the context of a laboratory as small as a bookcase all the way up to a commercial scale business that can supply the school's own needs or be a real-world experience in business and agriculture programs. Training can lead to careers in this emerging field and in related support industries.

Eduponics provides equipment, curriculum and teacher training, plus optional ongoing consultation and system maintenance, depending on the needs of the individual school. More information

Training History

First Class is 'First Class'
GOE's first training program in Seattle is described in this article from the Seattle Medium.
Home Countertop Gardening
Learn to grow fresh, healthy vegetables in your own home. Start the same day!
First Place Scholars School's Gardening Science Curriculum
This K-5 school uses a hydroponic garden as a science laboratory and a source of nutrition for students.
Tacoma Urban League Site Demonstrates Productive Concept
Get some now.
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